A little about me

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                Gareth Moore (now)                    Gareth Moore about 1983                            Gareth Moore about 1983

I worked at DEW in the foundry for about ten years untill it closed in 1988. I had just been made redundant from working up on the Burgoyne Heights building site and thought I was fit. I started in the foundry as a pool labourer and cut my teeth on the pig bed and at the end of my first week I thought they were trying to kill me, the work was hot and hard but it was a job so I stayed. After about three weeks I had adjusted to the hard work and got to know everyone in the foundry and the works and a great bunch they turned out to be. As a pool labourer I took on the job of any man who was off sick, so I worked on both plants doing different jobs and earning extra money. I was then promoted up to Furnace Man and spent my last 5 years working on the furnace and so a lot of my pictures are of the furnace.